Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Important Steps for Selling on Ebay

In order to sell on Ebay you have to first create a sellers account (click here) and follow the step by step directions. Make sure you choose the right sign up page because if you are going to want to sell. The directions are a bit different then if you just want to buy.

When you get set up to sell on Ebay, you will need to give Ebay credit card information so they can verify you as a seller. I have been on Ebay now for about two years and have never had my credit information compromised. They are very careful about that. You will want to verify your account too. They will walk you through that process. A verified account tells potential buyers that you are a serious, reputable seller and that they can trust you. It only takes about 10 - 15 minutes for the whole process. That way you can both buy and sell on Ebay with confidence.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here's How You Sign Up to Buy and Sell on Ebay

The very first way to get started on Ebay is to sign up! So, think up a username and a password first and then click here to go to Ebay and follow the very very simple step by step directions.

Make sure your Ebay username is either a name related to the kind of product you will be selling or a general name that will encompass a lot of different products. For example, if you are going to be selling baby products, you might want a username something like, momof4 or momof1. If you are selling tools you may want a username like toolking or queenoftools, etc. Your password can be anything you like it to be.

Those are the very first simple steps that you need to know to buy and sell on ebay. Please come back for more helpful hints and tips.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Be Successful on Ebay - Try This!

Another piece of advice for being successful on Ebay is to build a website around your Ebay products. For example, if you sell travel related services then you will want to build a website where you can put your link on the website and point to Ebay. If you check out for example, you will see that there is a display of Ebay items up for auction. This code can easily be put on any website regardless of what you are selling.

Another website to check out would be : If you look through the pages you will see both Ebay and Amazon ads, along with Google Adsense displayed throughout the pages. This website can be further monitized and can point traffic to your Ebay products or store.

In the meantime, if you really want to learn how to be successful on Ebay, don't forget to click here to read more about the Ebay millionaire who wants to help you succeed on Ebay.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to Be Successful On Ebay - Step One

If you want to learn how to be successful on Ebay, you need to learn from an Ebay powerseller expert. There is such a person and his name is Tom Barnes.

Although I am an Ebay power seller, I have only been in business for one year actively trying to build an Ebay business. Most of what I've learned has happened in bits and pieces, not exactly the best way to go about starting an Ebay business.

Now there is a trusted source that will teach you step by step how to build a successful Ebay business. Tom has spent 10 years creating a step by step program that will help teach you how to be successful on Ebay. In just implementing a few of his ideas, I fully expect to double my sales over the next year if not sooner. I am already making a great part-time income, but will be taking my business to the next level as I become full time with his help.

Tom sells just about anything and everything on Ebay and he will show you how it can be done. He is one of eBay's top volume powersellers and has been since 1997. He sells just about anything you can possibly think of on eBay – high end electronics, jewelry, designer clothing, household products, you name it! And now, he is ready to give you his secrets to teach you how to be successful on Ebay.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Ebay Secrets of Success - Learn from Millionaire Ebayer

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