Moving closer to work

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

I just moved into a completely different area of town. I loved my old house and my old neighborhood, but it was just too far away from my work. At first an extra twenty minutes does not seem like a lot, but day after day and week after week, it starts to take a toll on you. I decided the move would be for the best. My new place is only five minutes from the office at the most. Honestly, I could walk there if I wanted. I was able to get a fabulous new place with a pool and walk-in closets. There is an Expertsatellite system installed in the house, which makes it hassle-free for me. Not only is it closer to work, but it is also closer to my boyfriend. As much as I loved my old place, there are so many positives about the new place. It is hard for me to regret moving, but I am going to miss all of my neighbors. While they are no longer walking distance away, I am sure we will still remain good friends.