For anyone who is interested not only in learning the basics of the stock market, but in excelling and profiting in the Penny stock market, the information that Timothy Sykes, a multi-millionaire penny stock trader provides from his own experience, is information that will help you to reach your goal. You can visit his website, to get additional information to get started. Timothy has the experience to guide you through the process of choosing the BEST STOCK PICKS based on fact and his proven results, not speculation.

Timothy specializes in Penny Stocks and has done very well for himself. To help you get started, he sells information products that will help you to do the same. The important thing about information products though is that they need to be read and actually applied to work properly. If any part of the formula is left out or ignored, it can be logically assumed that the end result will not be favorable to the investor. If one follows the tried and proven formula as stated, the end result should be a positive one overall, once again emphasizing that any type of stock market investing still involves risk.

Stock market investing can be risky, yet many are unaware of that fact because they don't really know what stock market trading really involves. The TV ads make it look so simple. They tell you to go online and do it yourself through discount brokers. In addition, many fall for the stories of easy money that can be made, jumping right into investing without the slightest knowledge of what it really takes to succeed. That might be easier to do if you have lots of money to risk, but the average investor typically works a 9-5 job and doesn't have extra spending money to lose.

When starting any type of venture, it's always best to look to the experts who have "been there, done that" so to speak rather than proceeding full speed into a potential disaster. There are others like Timothy Sikes who have experienced success in the stock market. One good thing that all great investors seem to do is understand that "no man is an island". Investors can learn from other investors, picking and choosing what works for them.

Also, did you know that there is even a difference in the way women invest versus the way men invest? Do you know which one fares better in the long run? If you had the answer to this question, would you perhaps consider having the other sex invest for you? That's just one minor point that could produce major results. Without this information though, it would be another step in the process that you might miss.

One of the key aspects to investing is doing research. One can learn a lot from history and the same is true in investing. History plays a significant role as it often tends to repeat itself. Can past stock market trends provide hints to what might or might not work in the future? Is it true or false that a diversified portfolio really is the answer to success? Do the research and find out for yourself and then, based on the experience of others like Mr. Sikes, make intelligent investment decisions.

Investing in the stock market isn't for everyone, but for those who want to take the plunge, do it intelligently. Follow the paths of those who have had more successes than failures and you will be off to a much better start than if you go it alone.