Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Ebay Brand Recognition Research for Ebay Products

Just like any major brand name, as you become more advanced in selling on Ebay, you will want to develop brand recognition for your existing Ebay products or begin to expand and search out new and exciting products for your customers.

One of the ways to do this is to find the best market research software to help you gather competitive intelligence so that you do not waste time and money on products that have no potential long term value.

Anyone can sell anything on Ebay.  The successful sellers build a business around a market niche.  A niche is simply a brand or brands of products that are closely related to one another.  For example, if an Ebay seller likes shoes, they may want to sell just tennis shoes.  They may find that carrying too many kinds of tennis shoes is a burden because they can only afford to keep so many in stock as they prefer to order from a distributor instead of a drop shipper so they can control the entire sales process.  They choose a brand of shoe to sell but find out that their sales are not as brisk as they want them to be.  They start to do some research on their own to find out why, but never really catch on.

Companies like thinkpassenger.com who are already experienced in the area of competitive intelligence would be able to help this person develop their brand, market it and promote it.  It would save time and money in the long run and bring in more focused and targeted sales.  Even though there is a cost up front, if the Ebay seller is truly looking to reach a goal in a specific niche over time, this may be a great way to start their business.  Do the research first and save yourself time and money.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Top Ebay Secrets - The Truth

So, you are interested in the top Ebay secrets?  Here's the number one secret.   There are no secrets so if you are looking for a fast, easy way to make money without any effort, you've landed on the wrong site. 

Ebay does provides a platform where anyone can start an Ebay business and potentially become successful.  I offer a book right at the top of this page that will help you get started.  I will continue to tell you my story throughout this blog, but if you don't want to wait for my story, go right to the millionaire for answers. 

I have been building my Ebay business over the past six years and along with another website and my Amazon sales, I am now able to pay all of my bills.  It hasn't been easy though but it has been worth it for the most part.  The thing is, many people want the advice, but they don't want to take the action necessary to really get started.  Like anything else, nothing comes without effort, trial and error.  You can be successful on Ebay.  The first step though is doing some research to decide if you really want to put the time and effort necessary into building a successful business.

If the answer is yes, then buy the book.  CLICK HERE   If you buy it and you don't like it, or decide that Ebay isn't for you, you have a money back guarantee.  I'm still not a millionaire but have been steadily growing my business and can now call myself successful online.  You can do it to.