Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ebay Ups and Downs - Let's Take Designer Baby Clothing as An Ebay Example

After reading the millionaires ebook you will be able to bypass most of the downs of buying and selling on Ebay. But let's suppose you haven't gotten the book yet or don't think you need it. Here are some things you may encounter. I know I did when I started building my tiny ebay empire.

I decided to sell baby and kids clothing. Why? Because a friend of mine does and she makes about $700 a month when she spends a week listing stuff into wee hours of the morning after homeschooling and taking care of 4 kids all day. But she still makes about that much consistently every month. She only read one book that I gave her because that's all the time she has and it was on selling antiques on Ebay. She's good at picking those too. She's the kind of mom that seems to be able to do it all and still do it all pretty well.

So I went baby clothing shopping. My first mistake. I don't like to shop and therefore, because I don't like to shop, I don't shop often. I wouldn't know a baby clothing bargain if one jumped in my basket. I did look at the prices and when I saw 50% off, I thought that was pretty good. If it was cute and was something I'd buy, I bought it. My second mistake. What I think is cute, you may not. Don't buy what you think you would like. Buy what you think others would like. How do you do that? How do you know what others would like? You don't, unless you do some research on Ebay.

Is this getting more complicated? Now do you see why you might want to read the book first? Trust me, you will short cut the process tremendously. Why go through trial and error when it has already been done for you? Here's the link. JUST CLICK HERE! Don't worry. I will keep on going in my next blog and continue the clothing example and others in later blogs. Remember though, you will learn something from me, but I am not the millionaire expert (at least not yet).

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Ysabella said...

I have been planning to sell some stuff on Ebay and perhaps purchase some designer baby clothes in exchange. This post helped me learn more about the aforementioned buy and sell website. Kudos to you!