Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Example of What You Can Do to Make Money on Ebay

Buying and selling on Ebay is very easy. Here is one example of what you can do to make money on Ebay quickly.

One of my favorite stores is a discount store called Marshalls. You may or may not have one in your area but it is a store that sells brand name, designer clothing at a deep discount, especially at the change of seasons. If you know of a store that is like Marshalls, then this will work for you too.

Before you go, login to Ebay. One at a time, look up Polo shirts girls, then Polo shirts boys, Ralph Lauren boys, Ralph Lauren girls, Ralph Lauren baby, etc. (I always look for clothing with brand names like Ralph Lauren, Polo; Baby Phat; Tommy Hilfiger; etc.). Look in the left hand column for the words, "completed listings" (you need to be signed onto Ebay to do this). Put a check mark in that box. Go back up to the search bar where you have your search term entered, ie. polo girls shirts and click on search. When you get the search returns, you will see all of the items that have sold in green. You will see how much they sold for and a picture of what they look like. Write down that info for each search term you look up.

Armed with that information, and a credit card or cash, visit your discount store. Take a look at the brand names and compare what you see with what sold on Ebay. If you can make at least a $3-5 profit, then buy the item. Don't go crazy. Buy one or two items to start unless you see some unbelievable bargains.

Go home, take pictures, upload them to your computer and list them on Ebay. You can use Auctiva which is free for uploading even more pictures. Auctiva.com takes about a half hour to learn but it is well worth it because you can list as many pictures as you want for free whereas Ebay charges for each picture. Make sure when you are listing that you are pricing your items competitively.

More on how to list in the next blog. Next time: Why you must use good keywords in your title. That is very helpful to your success in selling your items and leaning what you can do to make money on Ebay.


Anonymous said...

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Frank said...

This is very condensed and pithy information that should help anyone get started quickly. I would recommend the site as well.

Frank Hood