Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Season is Here on Ebay - What's Hot & Why?

I missed the trend this year. I guess I just wasn't in to it. Zhu Zhu Pets aka zoo zoo pets are the hottest money maker right now, as of today, the months of November and December. I could kick myself for not paying closer attention. That's where you come in. Start watching the ads and specials in October and see what's popular with the kids. This is the must have toy that sold for $8 in Walmart and now people are paying $25 - $40 plus shipping for this little hamster from China who basically does nothing but move forward on wheels.

The best part is that the little hamster needs his toys and clothes. . . another Webkinz in the making. The toys are outrageously expensive as well. This is the first time I have seen so many new Ebayers with 0 feedback selling these things and making a killing.

What I want to know is why wasn't I this smart this year? Pay attention to the trends. Also, regarding the discussion of how people on Ebay rip people off over these things. . .well, let me tell you. . . in one night, I watched over 1,000 auctions close successfully for these little critters and they all sold. 24 hours, 1000 auctions, all sold. If the people are willing to pay you for being smart enough to get in on the trend, then by all means, go for it. They may not be hot next year.

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