Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working Everyday Buying and Selling on Ebay

Working Everyday Buying and Selling on Ebay can be a way to make some extra money every month.

You can get great deals at odd times of the day or with middle of the night or late night ending auctions. You can buy low and then resell the same item. I've done that many times.

The key to some success when you are first starting is to find items that you do not have to pay for or have already been paid for that are just lying around your house. Ask family and friends for items that are in good shape that they are no longer using or that they want to give away. Offer to clean out an old attic in exchange for being able to keep some of the items you find.

Don't get too crazy though. Not everything you think is great will sell. What you should do is take a picture of items that you think you want to sell with your cell phone. Take a look to see if the item has a unique signature and make a note of it. Sit at a computer and do a little research to see if your item is being sold on Ebay already. Make sure you have opened an Ebay account. Once you have, login. Type in the name of your item. You will hopefully get some search results. Make sure your spelling is correct the first time or even use a common misspelling to find your item (that's a secret to getting some good deals when buying). Then, go to the left column and find the words "completed listings". Hit the search bar again with your keywords (your item description or title).

Once you see the completed listings in green, that will give you some idea if your item will sell and if so, how much it sold for. If it looks like a good seller, bring it home with you and take pictures. Then look at the existing listings that have sold. Don't copy the other listings exactly and don't steal their pictures. You can create a similar listing in your own words. Be descriptive, not corny. Your title should be descriptive as well. Don't put words like "LOOK" or SCREAM AT YOUR BUYERS IN CAPITAL LETTERS!. Just describe: vintage japanese cloisoinne vase new in box (for example). Put lots of pictures in your auction.

Every day, find an item by doing this same type of research. By working a little bit everyday either buying discounted items and then reselling them or selling items you have on Ebay, you can make extra money, even with the Ebay and paypal fees.

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