Monday, June 4, 2012

Social Employment Ebayers Take a Look at This!

If you have the skills to sell on Ebay or to write a blog or blog posts, or have skills in other areas that you think employers will need part time to full time, there is a site that you will want to check out.  While you are building an Ebay business or writing a blog, or helping others with internet marketing projects, you may want to add some additional work to your  portfolio and earn some extra income on the side.  Even if you are looking for a new full time job or want to add a second job, then you will want to check out the site offers you the chance to list your unique skills for hire, for free.  You simply pay a small 7% fee once an employer hires you for a project which gets taken right out before you are sent your payment so you never have to do anything additional.  The site matches your skills with employers who have listed a wide variety of full and part time project openings.  You can look at projects you are offered and accept or decline them with no penalty.  This is a win win situation as some of the part time positions turn into full time ones once a project is complete. You can build an Ebay business and do freelance projects to get the money to fund products for your new business.  If you are looking for freelance jobs online then is the place to go.  Check it out! 

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