Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where to Find the Best Corporate Awards For Your Ebay Employees

If you sell on Ebay or work for Ebay directly and and you have employees that work for you, this information should be interesting for you (or to anyone who has employees working for them).

Many times employees work hard and little recognition is given to those employees for a variety of reasons.  Most of the time it is because a company wants to do something little but doesn't know where to turn to find a small, but adequate and memorable gift.  Many companies really do want to take the time to recognize their employees with a special gift or award.  Money gifts are always appreciated but money comes in and goes out so quickly that a monetary reward can quickly be forgotten.

Here is an excellent and affordable solution.  There are awards and trophies that are unique and that stand out more than others, making a lasting impression.  One such company, Able Trophies, has an amazing selection of beautiful etched crystal awards, glass awards and even wood/glass/crystal combinations.  When you visit their website you will be surprised by the variety of customized awards.  Not only that, you will get an education on the different types of glass and crystal that are available by being provided with a detailed explanation of what is involved in your purchase.

The prices are very reasonable and the end result is just beautiful.  Whether you need glass trophies, a group of crystal trophies, a specialized custom made shape out of glass or crystal, or just want a beautiful piece of art work for use as employee service awards or your own personal display, visit Able Trophies for pages and pages of choices and great customer service with their live chat capability and toll free phone number.  Your employees will treasure the beauty that these awards offer and will know that you put a lot of thought and effort into finding them something special to recognize their service to your company.  Company size doesn't matter because both large and small companies alike can afford what Able Trophies has to offer because of their amazing selection and customization process.


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andrewtarant said...

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Unknown said...

From this blog post: http://www.topebaysecrets.blogspot.com/2012/06/where-to-find-best-corporate-awards-for.html

Can you update the name mentions of Able Trophies to Able Recognition, we have a new brand name.

Also, our new domain is www.ablerecognition.com, so if you could update that URL as well.